Why we created The Simple Weigh

Bryn and I are lucky enough to have grown up here in Hartlepool. The North Sea may not be the warmest spot for a swim, but we are blessed with beaches to enjoy and spectacular sunsets. We both love the sights and the sounds of the sea. Over the last few years we've become increasingly concerned about plastic pollution in our oceans. This is partly - like most of Britain/the world - thanks to Sir David Attenborough and his amazing documentaries, but also because of the brilliant work that Plastic Free Hartlepool does. Last year, we decided that rather that we wanted to do something positive to address the issue of plastic pollution. We decided to change careers and open a zero waste shop in Hartlepool. I would be lying if I said that getting to the point where we will open soon has been a simple process. However, along the way we've discovered a really thriving and supportive zero-waste community online. We've also visited several zero waste shops around the UK to learn from their experience face to face. We are aiming to open next month (May 2019). We still can't quite believe it, but we'll have an exact date as soon as possible. Opening that door to customers for the first time will be so exciting!!! Lesley

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